LiteUpdate - This complex solution for the remote upgrade .NET applications.

System LiteUpdate consists of three main bodies:

  • LiteUpdate Develop - Development tools of packages of upgrades.
  • Gordago.LiteUpdate.dll - Library, the manager of upgrades.
  • LiteUpdate Server - server scripts.

LiteUpdate Develop 1.1

The development tools of packages of upgrades LiteUpdate Develop 1.1 cardinally change the settled representations about methods of operation above programs of upgrades for .NET applications. Studio LiteUpdate Develop - the valuable environment on operation above projects on creation of packages of upgrade for .NET applications. It will allow you to control projects on upgrade of yours .NET programs at the highest level, namely:

  • Will automatically define the updated files of your application and will create on the basis of it a new package of upgrade;
  • Will allow to supply each package of upgrade with the information for users (the information is formed in HTML a format, that essentially raises possibilities on its design);
  • Carries on history of upgrades (in this history it were possible to look what changes in this or that package of upgrade);
  • Will compile a package of upgrade, having supplied with its all necessary information for the updated application (structure of upgrade, a version number of a package), thus, having compressed all files zip the archiver (everything, that remains to you so it to substitute old on a new package of upgrade on your server).


Library Gordago.LiteUpdate.dll - this is the manager of upgrades who is delivered together with updated .NET the application.

Gordago.LiteUpdate.dll The archiver uses in the operation (ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll), developed IC#Code.

LiteUpdate Server

LiteUpdate Server - These are the scripts of a server developed on PHP, control process of a file transfer to the updated application.


Current version LiteUpdate Server simplified, in schedules to create: statistics of the upgrades, the protected upgrades on a key and many other things.

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