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LiteUpdate - The manager of upgrades .NET applications

Each programmer developing the multiuser application, sooner or later faces a problem of updating of applications new versions. Frequently standard means which exist at present, do not arrange by those or other criteria. We have considered the needs for the decision of this problem, also have listened to wishes of users of our programs and have developed a universal remedy for .NET applications is a manager of updatings LiteUpdate and the environment of development of packages of updatings LiteUpdate Develop.

Cardinal difference of the given system from similar systems consists in the following:
For the updated application:

  • All updated application files are compressed by archiver ZIP;
  • Possibility to look size of loaded files before upgrade;
  • Possibility to view the information under the new version;
For the developer:
  • Easy integration of the unit of the manager of upgrade in the developed application;
  • The automated system of development of packages of upgrades;
  • Download
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