Language Editor

Language Editor 1.0 - The editor of language phrases in the multilingual program.

Our experience on creation of multilingual programs has allowed us to create Universal system LanguageManager (library for the multilingual application) and Language Editor (the editor of language phrases). The given system allows the developer to service without special efforts language phrases in the developed multilingual application. Using this system in the programs, you not only facilitate the work in design of the multilingual interface of your application, but also enable your users to work above it.
For example, you have created multilingual software product which types popularity Among users of the separate countries on which language your program has no translation. Users - enthusiasts of your application can translate{transfer} with ease the program on The language and even to share with you this translation. All that remains to you, so it To include in the distribution kit of your program new language a file.

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Description 346 Kb The project under Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


Language Manager (library Gordago.Core.dll) and Language Editor realized under GNU Lesser General Public License.

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