Rates obtaining

After connecting you will see current quotes into the left window:

Forex Optimizer

Blue - the Forex price is grow up since previous price
Red - the Forex price draw down
Black - the new rate was not obtained, you see Forex price which was in last moment of previous connect.

Rates can be obtained:

1) For last 24 hours history downloads and saves when:
- when Forex chart open
- run Forex trading system for trading (live or demo account)

If you are don't start downloading in 24 hours, you will get gap into quotes. But after 2 weeks these quotes will available into our server for downloading and you can fill the gaps. We are working at improving this method of downloading quotes.

2) More than 2 weeks old quotes uploads to our server and you can download it via quotes downloading manager. Choose menu item "Service"->"Download history"

In the window which will appear you can choose needed quotes and download it:

Forex Optimizer

All quotes divided by months. If you want download quotes for some month successively, you may to tick only extreme months - program download all months between them for gaps avoid.

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