Common rules of Forex trading system building in Forex Optimizer

You can create new Forex trading system via menu item "File"->"New". Window for Forex trading system rules entry consist of 5 tabs:

The first 4 tabs for Forex trading rules, and in fifth you can enter additional name of your Forex trading system (it isn't Forex trading system's file name), description and sound, which will sounds when rules will satisfied, if you run this Forex trading system in real time:

Rules table consist of lines, which united by logical AND. Another words, it's necessary for trade all rules will be true:

It's buy entry, if MA(13) Forex trading indicator will be more than MA(23) Forex trading indicator AND RSI Forex trading indicator more than 50.

You can entry only one logical rule into one line. You can write, for example, a > b, but you can't write a > b > c.

Columns in the table:

1) OK - if you click into this cell (when rule and timeframe was entered only) you can mark this line as:

- Active. It's mean that this line will used in backtest and when Forex trading system run for Forex online trading

- Inactive. In this case line will not used in backtest and when it's run. This feature very convenient because you can exclude line from Forex trading system without deleting it.

2) TFrame - timeframe, for which entered rule will applied. You can set different timeframes in each line. So, you can create Forex trading system which will use some timeframes for work simultaneously, for example, like in Triple screen Forex trading system of Alex Elder.

3) Condition - rule of your Forex trading system. If you entered some lines, all rules in all lines must be satisfied for Forex trading or exit from it.

In the bottom of table you can see "Variant" tabs. By default there is only one tab - "Variant 1":

All variants are united by logical "OR". It's mean that the Forex trading (or exit from it) will occur, if all rules one of these variants (any) was satisfied. In current version of Forex Optimizer TT can be only one Forex trade for entry and only one Forex trade for exit. It's possibly to have buy and sell simultaneously, but impossible to have two buys. In next updates it will be improved till many deals simultaneously (money management will be available).

Into "Exit Sell" and "Exit Buy" tabs you can see fields for entering Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop levels (in pips):

If you want to optimize Stop Loss, Take Profit or Trailing Stop, i.e. for the Forex Optimizer TT have found the optimum value of it's, you can do so:

The optimizer will found optimum value of Stop Loss between 10 and 30 inclusively.

"Step" parameter - step of sorting optimized values. If the "Step" = 1 will be used for optimizing values 10, 11, 12, 13 and so on. If the "Step" = 5, will be used 10, 15, 20 and so on.

A rule of Forex trading system creates from visual Forex trading system's components, which you can see in the right panel:

In tab "Indicators" you can select Forex trading indicators, in tab "Price" you can select needed price or "Number" Forex trading system's component. There are:

1) Open, Low, High, Close - Forex price.
Pay attention that if you use "Close" Forex price Forex trading system's component with parameter "Bars back" = 0, it's mean that it's not Close Forex price, but current Forex price. In this case, when you will use it for backtest, instead this Forex trading system's component will be used tick quotes or current Forex price, if you run this Forex trading system on line. This rule is actual for Median, Typical and Weighted Forex price Forex trading system's components.

2) Median - Forex price, calculated as:
Median = (High + Low)/2

3) Typical - Forex price, calculated as:
Typical = (High + Low + Close)/3

4) Weighted = (High + Low + Close + Close)/4

5) Volume - volume of Forex trading.

Except for Forex price Forex trading system's components you can see "Number" Forex trading system's component in this tab. You can use this Forex trading system's component when want to optimize number value, for example, RSI Forex trading indicator level. More detailed about "Number" Forex trading system's component you can read in "Optimizing" chapter and in examples.

Every visual Forex trading system's component have parameters, which set up into property grid:

"Bars back" parameter defines, which value of Forex trading indicator will be used: if you set "Bars back" = 0 it's mean that current value of Forex trading indicator will be used. "Bars Back" = 1 means, that previous value (on previous candle) of Forex trading indicator will be used.

Property grid also uses for set up Forex trading indicator's optimization parameters:

In this case Forex Optimizer TT will find optimum value of MA's Forex trading indicator period in range between 13 and 34.

"Step" parameter - step of sorting optimized values. If the "Step" = 1 will be used for optimizing values 13, 14, 15, 16 and so on. If the "Step" = 3, will be used 13, 16, 19 and so on.

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