Forex Optimizer

Forex Optimizer

Forex Optimizer - Absolutely new revolutionary trade platform, is intended both for beginners, and for the tempered traders of Forex. Beginners can study market Forex, using a simulator, not risking the capitals and not being connected to the Internet. For more skilled traders Forex Optimizer allows to create and optimize trade strategy, not having knowledge in programming to operate (to make trading operations) the real account of the broker. The platform can offer professionals greater functionality for application of the strategy and methods of trade in market Forex.


Lite Update Develop

Lite Update Develop This complex decision for the removed updating .NET applications.

Each programmer developing the multiuser application, sooner or later faces a problem of updating of applications new versions. Frequently standard means which exist at present, do not arrange by those or other criteria. We have considered the needs for the decision of this problem, also have listened to wishes of users of our programs and have developed a universal remedy for .NET applications is a manager of updatings LiteUpdate and the environment of development of packages of updatings LiteUpdate Develop.


Language Editor 1.1

Language Editor

Language Editor - The editor of language phrases in the multilingual program.

Our experience on creation of multilingual programs has allowed us to create Universal system LanguageManager (library for the multilingual application) and Language Editor (the editor of language phrases). The given system allows the developer without special efforts to serve language phrases in the developed multilingual application.


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