Forex Trading

In the given section you can choose the broker suitable for you and to open the demonstration or real account for trade in the market Forex.

In the list of brokers only those brokers to whom the trade terminal is at present connected Forex Optimizer.

The list of Brokers

Today Gordago has no connection to the broker. If you recommend us to a broker and the broker will be able to connect the external terminals, we are connected.

To add the Broker

If in the list there is no broker with whom you work and wish to use the trade terminal Forex Optimizer, that you can address to the broker with the request for connection of the terminal to its servers.

In process of connection of the terminal to other brokers, we shall add them in the given list and to notify on it in news.


Forex Trading platform Forex Optimizer has the open architecture for programmers that allows forces of programmers of the broker, to connect it to the servers.

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