Custom Forex trading indicator ZigZag

Custom Forex trading indicator ZigZag traces and connects between itself extreme points Forex chart defending one from another not less than on set percent on scale of the price.

ZigZag finds and connects its between itself extreme points of chart, which situated each from other not less than specified percent on price scale. How it's works: Assume that chart is empty and one bar there. Then ZigZag become equal Close price. When next bar is appeared (assume that it up bar), ZigZag connect previous close with current, but if change not more than specified parameter, it's nothing mean. If third bar go down then ZigZag do not see into second bar any more and u-turn down. It will until change from start not exceed specified percent (assume up). Since this moment ZigZag starts looking for u-turn point until moving down will not exceeded parameter. When moving down exceed parameter, ZigZag fix this point and start looking for new point.

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