Doji trading indicator.

This indicator that will make an arrow and an alert sound when a doji candle forms (a candle where we had the Open and Close the same)

It's also need make a line at the high of the doji and a line at the low of the doji v this would be an indicator for manual trading the following technique.

The following would be an expert advisor based on the above indicator:

Doji trade:

The doji is a candle with the same open and close on one 15 min candle (however, you could use any time period)

Next you would look at the next candle, up to the 3rd one afterwards, to see if it closes above the high of the "Doji", or if it closes lower than the low of that Doji candle. You will get more pips on a 1 hr chart, but the doji is rarer - the 15 min chart works for me.

If you see either scenario...close above the doji high or doji low you would start your trade with the following candle by shorting or going long... get your 10 to 15 pips and get out.

The stop would be for example, if going long, if a candle closes below the doji candles low.

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