Remarks concerning a method of stage-by-stage modelling Forex trading on the historical data

The common sense prompts: the most fruitful approach to a prediction of the future - attentive studying of the past. The analysis of the historical data, however, till now remains outside of area of attention of the huge majority of investors. It is obvious, that the future results hardly probable in accuracy will repeat efficiency of the last years. Nevertheless accurately executed stage-by-stage modelling of Forex trading on the historical data - the fine opportunity to develop objective, worthy trust of a rule of acceptance of trading decisions and to receive effective strategy of work in the Forex market. Being guided both logic, and own experience, many investors already came to belief about necessity of carrying out of analytical researches of a similar sort. It is necessary to mean, that the offered{suggested} method of a choice of Forex trading system is really unique, as allows to receive the results caused not by speculative reasonings, and real behaviour of the Forex market.

Let's remind: research can be counted correct only in a case when the quantity of the used historical data is great, and character of them is various. Carrying out optimization, analytics it is not necessary to be zealous over a measure and to complicate results a plenty of additional conditions and rules. It is especially important to avoid rules which establishment grows out a prejudiced sight at the historical data as adverse time pieces should not be conscious or is not realized are excluded from process of check. It is necessary to remember: testing should be carried out objectively and fairly; the modelled strategy will be more complex, the less suitable for real Forex trading appears result. The simple Forex trading indicator is easier for applying, that is why it, as a rule, causes the greater trust.

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