Choose Forex trading system depending on the circumstances and the purposes

First of all, not hurrying up, estimate own investment requirements and opportunities. To each participant of the Forex market uses the especial Forex trading indicator. We admit, that a certain trading system perfectly answers problems of the Forex trader having the big seed capital, not working with extra means and opening long positions counting upon reception of the profit from the long-term investments. It is obvious, that a similar sort Forex trading system appears improper for the speculator with the small capital and the big credit leverage, whose purpose - by short-term operations to extract modest profit at the minimal risk. The large Forex trader following a long-term trend, in a condition to transfer the essential falling the capital connected to secondary corrections to the basic trend. At the same time fineer player benefiting by momentary fluctuations of the price, requires in short-term, possessing high sensitivity to trading system which does not suppose significant falling of the capital and makes stable profit. Both large, and to fine investors, choosing Forex trading system, it is necessary to take into account size of expected charges on transaction. Skilled large Forex traders reduce expenses, abstaining from transactions at insignificant fluctuations of the prices; many of them try to reduce the common number of transactions. They are concerned with that in view of sizable their transactions the Forex market can react in the adverse image for them. Reaction of the Forex market can be minimized, making transactions at the moment of opposite movement of the price, that is buying in "holes" (when the majority of traders fixes losses and closes long positions) and selling in the growing Forex market (at this time the basic part of traders tries to keep up with growth, placing Forex market orders on purchase). Trade simultaneously with the majority, that is a pursuit of a trend, as a rule, provides the worst prices. Beginner fine traders sometimes are horrified, realizing as far as strong influence render on the capital insignificant, at first sight, commission charges. The participant of the Forex market should supervise attentively quantity of the transactions, to not be engaged in excessive trade, to not operate in a temper and to be able to wait, not hurrying up to make operation. Both it is necessary for Forex trader, and trader to have clear and detailed trading Forex trading system which has passed computer check on a material of the historical data and it has been backtested during the real tenders. Accepted Forex trading system of following behind a trend the large Forex trader has an opportunity essentially to increase the capital due to the long-term trends slowly developed during the long time periods. Search of trading system in this case will not borrow a lot of time as, having the schedules reflecting long-term prospects of the Forex market, and one of books about bases of the Forex trading analysis, to reveal the basic trend it happens very simply. The Forex trader working on short time intervals, in the greater degree is dependent from casual changes of the Forex market. Sudden changes can affect his profit in moods the crowds occuring, at first sight, without any bases. His success or failure will be defined also with unforeseen reports of information, changeable expectations of participants of the Forex market, various hearings. Unpredictability of a similar sort of events causes also character of trading system which basic qualities should be flexibility and good adapt with instant jumps. Short-term traders aspire to fix as soon as possible even small profit as the profitable position can quickly turn in unprofitable at change of a Forex market situation. To feel, that you get in a point and gradually you earn, pleasantly. Meanwhile the Forex trading system designed for short-term trade, deprives with the Forex trader of an opportunity to receive essential profit. Besides deeply taken roots in each of us the sensation of own correctness and unwillingness to recognize sometimes an obvious mistake quite often forces the traders working with short-term positions, to hold lossing position where longer, than followed. Obviously, however, that the trader, ready to suffer loss long time, only increases the loss. The basic advantage of short-term trading positions - an opportunity quickly and practically " from nothing " to receive the certain profit. The trading systems intended for fans of a similar sort of operations, thus, appear claimed on Forex market. To the Forex trader expecting for success, it is necessary to take care of drawing up of Forex trading system itself. To buy " a cat in a bag " - trading system where main principles of decision-making are clear for the developer, but not for the user, - and to receive stable profit it is impossible: the stress, growing loss or turmoil in the Forex market will force you to refuse following to rules which essence you up to the end do not understand. Understanding and trust - the main elements of successful work with any Forex trading system. Trading system which you have studied with own hand backtested on a material of the real historical data, will help you to conclude more good bargains, than all other, let more effective, but less clear Forex trading system. Belief in success, as is known, one of important components of a prize. Unfortunately, till now many Forex traders spend huge conditions and long years for being convinced of unfitness of principles which essence they know by hearsay or from books but which were not comprehend by them, are checked up. Activity of such Forex traders differs instability and, as a rule, low profitableness for which they are inclined to blame everybody, but not itself. To establish the true reason of loss in this case it is difficult even backdating as decision-making process goes confusedly. Experience a little to that learned such losers. The Forex market is similar to front: To survive among turmoil and noise, it is necessary to have beforehand thought over plan; adhering to it, it is not necessary to give in to extraneous influences, to listen to another's advice, to pay attention to hearings and chatter of press. You would like to ask somebody, what occurs and how to act? A disturbing sign: it testifies to loss of necessary composure and discipline. Appearing in a similar situation, it is necessary to close immediately all positions and easy to understand the reasons of own uncertainty. The crises constantly occuring in the Forex market and around of it, should not influence mode of work of the Forex trader; we shall remind what to keep, however, fidelity of Forex trading system it is possible only in the event that all rules of acceptance of trading decisions have been independently designed on the basis of the effective Forex trading indicators past preliminary careful backtesting. Modelling of trade on the historical data - the most effective way to formulate and apply in practice the knowledge received by investment community for many decades of functioning of the Forex market. The method described in this article, allows to estimate working qualities of any Forex trading system quickly. The Forex trader who has received a trustworthy information on the basis of the last material, feels like confidently and will manage successfully to operate in the future.

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