Bill Williams Profitunity Forex trading system

Many Forex traders underestimate Bill Williams Profitunity Forex trading system, and make mistake. Simply Bill Williams has rather foggy described some moments, and the some Forex traders has mentioned casually (for example " blue light "). And for work on Bill Williams Profitunity Forex trading system it is necessary to observe precisely all rules and to be guided by all Forex trading signals.

When you outside of the Forex market you search for a successful place for an entry. For this purpose you use Fractals Forex trading indicator and the Alligator Forex trading indicator. You find the quietest Forex market where lines of the Alligator are bound, and AO (Awesome Oscillator) Forex trading indicator and AC (Accelerator Oscillator) Forex trading indicator are close to zero. To enter it is necessary after overcoming by an extremum of the last fractal bar and only in that case if the extremum fractal bar is Above (for buy) or is lower (for sale) than a red line of the Alligator Forex trading indicator.

After entry in the Forex market you start to accumulate positions using all signals (including Fractal Forex trading indicators) which are formed above (if you in the bull Forex market), or is lower (if you on bear) than a red line of the Alligator Forex trading indicator.

All warrants are necessary for exposing on closing of Forex trading session or prior to the beginning of Forex trading session, and the further supervision over a course of the tenders on the part of the trader becomes unessential. Actually, begins possible to trade, not watching Forex charts during the tenders that makes process of Forex trade extremely mechanical. Certainly, if the Forex trader practises intraday time Forex trade, supervision over Forex charts is necessary. If the Forex trading order on what or to a Forex trading signal is not executed and Bill Williams Profitunity Forex trading system shows the new Forex market price on this Forex trading signal - we change not executed Forex trading warrant, instead of we create new. In other words on each signal one order should be exposed only.

Exit from Forex trade. There are 4 ways of the exit from the Forex trade:

Exit from Forex trade on a red line of the Alligator Forex trading indicator. The basic way. The Forex market price should cross not simply a line, but also be closed behind it.

After formation of 5 bars on Forex chart of one color.

For example, you in the bear Forex market also observe five red bars on Forex chart successively. You put stop at a level which is at once above a maximum of the fifth red bar on Forex chart. At use of it the method, to you is necessary to move your stop to the following point above each new, lower maximum until you will not be stopped. If the Forex market continues to move in a former direction, you can enter again on any Forex trading signal to sale.

Exit from Forex trade on a green line. Such exit can be more preferable to the prompt Forex market. The Forex market price also should be closed outside a line. An exit on inverse Forex trading signal. This exit from Forex trade is better for using as it is possible less often and only in extreme cases.

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