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Forex Optimizer - what is it?

Forex Optimizer - Absolutely new revolutionary trade platform, is intended both for beginners, and for the tempered traders of exchange market Forex. Beginners can study market Forex, using a simulator, not risking the capitals and not being connected to the Internet. For more skilled traders Forex Optimizer allows to create and optimize trade strategy, not having knowledge in programming to operate (to make trading operations) the real account of the broker. The platform can offer professionals greater functionality for application of the strategy and methods of trade in market Forex.


The project "Gordago" searches for the top-manager possessing deep understanding of the Forex market.

It is necessary:
1) to prepare the project for sale to the interested companies. For this purpose it is necessary to involve investments for performance of some problems: design of a site, registration of texts on a site, etc.
2) to carry on negotiations with top-managers of the companies interested in the project (basically, the foreign companies).
3) to issue the transaction of purchase and sale of the project.

The Top-manager and the investor receive percent from the transaction.

In addition:
Also other strategy of development of the project are possible. From you - offers on development and shares of participation in the project.

Project characteristics:
The project in the public form exists since 2005.
The current version of the project is opened (Open Source), i.e. all initial codes of the software are accessible in public access.
The basic software product of the project «Forex Optimizer» is executed on 90 %.
Project sites http://gordago.ru (the Russian version) and http://gordago.com (the English version).
The detailed description of the project and its software products on a site http://gordago.ru
The additional information under the project

The contact person: Alexander
Russia, Kazan
E-mail: director@gordago.com
ICQ #: 481186408

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